The Best Sensitive Skincare Tips

Most people with dry, hard to manage sensitive skin, suffer with uncomfortable flare-ups of red, itchy and flaky skin. Mature skin,  weather, and irritating skin care products may have contributed to your condition. To help your dry sensitive skin feel and look healthy, you need a simple, daily skin care routine that will work for your skin type. This article will help you establish a good dry, sensitive skin care routine, and provide sensitive skin care tips to help your skin become healthy, hydrated, and smooth.

Bacteria, dead skin cells, build up of oil and pollution accumulate on your skin daily. To keep your skin healthy, the first step is to keep it clean.

  • Make sure to wash your face at night. Clogged pores can result in irritation, inflammation and break outs. For dry sensitive skin, it’s best to clean your face properly once a day, and before bed is the best time.
  • Wash your face with a gentle dry skin lotion cleanser that is soap and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free. These harsh ingredients can lead to further irritation and dryness. Soap ingredients (even in some sensitive skin brands) can remove natural needed oils from your skin.
  • If you’re using the right cleanser, your skin should feel soft and not dry. If after washing, your skin feels tight, irritated and dryer, change cleansers.
  • Besides SLS, also avoid cleansers with fragrance, alcohol, parabens and antimicrobial ingredients, such as Triclosan. Antimicrobials and fragrances can cause further irritation and dryness.
  • Only wash your face with warm water, never hot, and limit long showers under hot water. Humidity is your dry skin’s friend, and by keeping the shower door closed, you can increase moisture as you shower or bathe.
  • Avoid harsh scrubs, loofas, and washcloths.
  • Always wash your face gently and dry with a soft cotton towel. Never rub as you dry. It’s best to moisturize while your skin is still slightly damp. This helps the moisturizer to penetrate the skin.
  • In the morning, only rinse your face to refresh. No need to wash with cleanser again.