5 Signs You’re Using The Wrong Face Cleanser

Piling on serums, moisturisers and masks, and still not getting the glowing skin you crave? It could be that you’re using the wrong face cleanser.

So, how can you tell if your face cleanser’s failing you? From acne to dryness and everything in between, our expert reveals the telltale signs your cleanser isn’t cutting it (plus, how to find the best facial cleanser for you)…

Dryness/tight feeling skin

We’ve all experienced that tight, dry feeling after using an inappropriate cleanser. This happens because the cleanser has “disrupted the skin barrier,” stripping the skin’s natural oils and compromising its natural pH level. The worst part? Not only is your skin now drier than it was before, it also won’t absorb your moisturiser as readily – so the dry condition of the skin could easily become chronic.


Over time, the hydration deficit caused by a crummy cleanser is also likely to lead to a rougher skin texture. But that’s not all. In other words, it’s “bye-bye, soft skin” and hello to sandpapery skin!

Redness and sensitivity

For skin types that are already prone to redness and sensitivity, an incorrect face cleanser is a big no-no. A poor cleanser will disrupt the skin’s finely tuned micro-environment; resulting in irritated, inflamed skin,


The right cleanser resets and re balances the skin as it cleans, replenishing lost hydrating elements, and preserving the skin’s natural pH level and barrier function.” A cleanser that contains “unnecessary foaming agents or preservatives,” on the other hand, can be overly aggressive, stripping the skin’s natural barrier and causing it to go into overdrive with excess oil production. The end result? Anything from a blind pimple to a full-blown breakout.


Using the wrong cleanser can lead to a dull, uneven complexion. For those with dull skin, hydrating cleansing wipes can help freshen up your complexion on the go. Try Skin Polisher Arang 2 in 1 @akar.co which are formulated to leave your skin not only feeling clean, but looking refreshed and hydrated as well.