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Beauty skin comes from healthy foundation. Our best beauty care combo, Charcoal Skin Refining Scrub and Bidara Super Moist Mist will fulfill your needs.

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charcoal skin refining scrub

A Natural All-in-One Scrub!

Charcoal Skin Refining Scrub is a scrub founded by CHARCOAL and comes with a variety of nutrients from natural ingredients including HABBATUS SAUDA. It is VERY EFFECTIVE in smoothing skin texture and removing dead skin cells. In addition to face scrub, it can also serve as a Body Scrub and can also be used as a Face Mask.


BIDAra SUper moist mist

Refreshing Mist and Healthy Toner? No problem!

Bidara Super Moist Mist is a face spray based on natural ingredients that works to moisturize and brighten facial skin. It is also very suitable for use as a toner and gives INSTANT freshness to the skin.


you know its good when its a unisex stuff.

Both our product are ideal for men and women. Benefits from HABBATUS SAUDA and other natural ingredients are well mixed for your instant glowing result.

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